What Can We Do For You?

Linear Design is collective of highly-skilled professionals of all stripes who work as a family to Get Things Done for our clients. We are graphic designers, UX/UI developers, coders, database experts, hardware system and media pros. Small standalone sites, large integrated sites, massive distributed "cloud" applications, it's all here. We actively partner with "cousin" firms that are leaders in their fields.

Our toolbox is deep and filled to the brim. We think expansively. What is the content, who is it for and how will they see it? Everything else springs from these basic premises. Mobile access is exploding, so we start lean and efficient and work our way out.

We are a business like you, and understand that, beyond the beautifully intuitive web design and the dynamic connections of data, there is the bottom line. It's about your business - the growth reach, and revenue. This is why we're here. Give us a call.